Nordik MOVE

Perfectly flat roads don’t exist. That’s one of the reasons why standard blades can’t clean perfectly, they leave snow and ice behind.  Nordik MOVE was designed to follow the surface of the road, resulting in highly improved plowing effect and reduce of abrasive consumption. It’s simple, it works and it fits every plow.

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We have developed the Nordik MOVE with the purpose of cleaning like nothing else. This product was designed to be Efficient, Durable and Cost-Effective.

Efficient: thanks to the two rubber bushing per foot long section blades, Nordik MOVE can follow the surface of the road increasing the plowing effect.

DURABLE: moreover the virgin carbide inserts in the rubber coated 1020 steel blades guarantee the long product life.

Cost-Effective: these blades clean well for the first time, allowing you to save gas, abrasive and time.


  • Machinery: easy installation, the rubber blades don’t harm the plow, protects the machinery
  • Drivers: increased comfort by significantly less noise and vibration while driving, easy blade replacement
  • Gas: as the moving blades follow the bumps on the road the Nordik MOVE cleans well for the first time, no need to re-plow, which result in saving gasoline
  • Abrasive: the increased efficiency of the moving rubber blades allows you to significantly reduce the abrasive consumption, you can save up to 30% on abrasive!*
  • No need for shoes
  • No maintenance required
  • Foot long replaceable section for cost efficiency
  • Better for community: less noise, cleaner roads, blade doesn’t ruin the road (road marker), less abrasive (better for cars and environnement)


See how it’s made:



  • Foot section long blades
  • Adaptable to every brand and type of plow
  • Made with 1020 steel and 50 DURO rubber, resistant to temperatures as low as -57ºC (-70ºF)
  • No maintenance required
  • New, unrecycled carbide
  • Carbide hardness ranging from 88 to 89 RWC
  • Transverse rupture strength: 351,000 PSI
  • High quality brazing with shear strength: 102,000 PSI
  • Model 1000 : for 10 foot one way
  • Model 1100 : for 11 foot one way
  • Model 1200 : for 12 foot one way
  • Model 1300 : for 13 foot one way


How it works
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Product specifications

You can see snow plow blades in our brochure. Check our products, and use it for plow the snow, discover our pdf!

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