Constantly expanding its activities in North America, Nordik Blades®, a Quebec based company that was born in 2005, is an innovative supplier of high quality winter wear parts that has the ability to produce and offer products that exceeds the snow plowing specialists’ expectations. Specialized for heavy duty winter equipment wear parts, our main intention is to provide our customers with outstanding quality and price ratio.

The continuous investments in our people and machinery provided us with possibility to develop a revolutionary new snow plow blades technology, that we call the Nordik MOVE. This patent moving carbide blades system highly increase the snow plowing efficiency and lower the snow plowing costs.

We are Canadian of course we love Hockey!

As being a wear part manufacturer at Nordik Blades we put all of our efforts in fighting snow and ice when it comes to our plow equipment… However, we are also a proud owner of the Nordik Blades LRH hockey team, we thank them for reminding us that blades and ice can go hand in hand under the right conditions! Look up Nordik Blades LRH on facebook for more pictures!