Carbide Blades

The secret of our carbide cutting edges s is in the carbide and the machining. When you use top quality virgin carbide like ours, you improve the blade’s life. Nordik Blades®’ carbide cutting edges are up to 3 times more durable than steel blades, so stop wasting your time on replacing blades on your plow.

The 1020 steel with 3/4” or 7/8” thickness is machined by a high precision CNC machine and welded by induction with a top-quality brazing alloy. Custom snow plow blades are available upon request.


3X outlast steel blades

Carbide is a superior and very durable material, extending the wear life of the cutting edge

Wear more evenly than steel

The curable carbide inserts not only extend the wearlife of the blades, but also help with the weight distribution across the plow, resulting in more even wear

Numerous design

At Nordik Blades, we have numerous carbide blades available in our portfolio, supplying cutting edges on several markets across North America

Available carbide inserts

25 degree

40 degree

small bullnose

big bullnose

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